My Traveling Shoes

Done found myself a new pair of travelin' shoes to wear on this leg of my journey. Handmade to fit and suit me just right, supportin' and comfortin' me each step of the way.They are wild and colorful as I chose them to be, they suit my personality.
I've traveled so many miles in shoes that someone else bought for me, plain, poorly fitted, worn, second hand, hand me downs. Ohh, they hurt my feet and took me places that I didn't need to go, places that I didn't want to go. For many years I put them on. I was told it was my duty, but my heart was heavy and my cares so many.
Done found myself a new pair of travelin' shoes to wear on this leg of my journey. Handmade to fit and suit me just right, supportin' and comfortin' me each step of the way.They are wild and colorful as I chose them to be, they suit my personality. I bought these shoes. I own these shoes. They are mine.
by Jeanne leigh...copyrighted...2007


Thursday, December 6, 2007

This morning I had to drive an hour and a half to a workshop on "Repairing Books." I had to drive over a mountain. It had snowed the night before which made me a little apprehensive of the road conditions. On top of that, a beautiful ferrell cat that I feed outside my house, I call "the bearded lady" ran into my nice warm house when I opened the door this morning. This cat sits on my window and watches my other two cats and dog and our family like we are her favorite TV show, yet the minute we walk out she goes under the deck. Well, since I feed her and in the summer sat out there a lot, she gets about one or two feet from me, but no touching. She is curious but afraid. Well to my surprise she slipped in the house when I had the door open. She has nails and my cats don't. So we had a problem. I left the door open hoping no other cats would enter.Hoping she would leave. At one point my husband saw her laying on our bed. The way our cats were acting, they knew there was an intruder. Off and On we left the door open for a while. We never saw her leave. We don't know if she's in here or not. Poor baby, she's scared. Anyway....all of this....that made me run late...yet, as I drove over the mountain and that golden morning sunlight hit this bare tree, the contrast just struck me. WOW...such beauty. Running late or not, I have to stop and take a picture of this. So, I did. This is it.

As I drove on, I couldn't help but think how God's light of grace, love and truth can make the most ordinary people and things become strikingly beautiful. I will remember this when I look at this picture.

I still don't know if the bearded lady is in or not. She hasn't been on my window. By the way she is a beautiful black cat with white on the lower part of her face except for a little black pointed beard, like a beatnik:)
~jeanne leigh

Monday, November 26, 2007

Listening to Your Life

I painted this picture last summer. My husband, Jim and I were out late walking. We passed a line of trees that were facing the moon and it looked and felt like this painting. I called it a family of trees. In the past few years I have become more senstive to nature. There is someting very special about trees.

If we want to find out who we are and what we should be doing with our lives then we have to take the time to listen to our lives. What are we drawn to? What brings us life? What are our passions? Parker J. Palmer says " Our lives should be lived from the inside out, not the outside in." Sounds like good advice to me. As the days pass, I am seeking to listen to my life in order to know my path. Peace, jeanne leigh

Sunday, November 25, 2007

I took this photo outside my window early one morning. I wasn't ready to get up, it was my day off and the night before I had stayed up late. But, nature calls and I had to go to the bathroom. I was going to barely open my eyes and take care of business and get back to bed as quickly as possible. The sun was coming up and there was a lovely mist. I knew I had to go out and take this picture. So I did. You know I've looked out that window many times since that morning and it has never looked like that again. I think the moments of our lives are like that. I think we have to savor every moment, live in the present as much as possible. LIVE it, LOVE it and BE in it with all our heart, mind and soul. ~jeanne leigh

Saturday, November 24, 2007


Many years ago concerning my faith, I thought that I had many of the answers. I lived a life where so many things appeared to be black and white. It seemed simple. All of my beliefs fit into a nice little package. A package that I held onto. It made me feel secure. Through several crises that box got blown to smithereens. I now know that what I had believed as true, which I felt brought a sense of security to me was really a false security. I have fewer answers and a great deal more questions. I no longer have a nice neat package to hold on to, but I know that God holds me. There are many gray areas. In the meantime my favorite word has become mystery.