My Traveling Shoes

Done found myself a new pair of travelin' shoes to wear on this leg of my journey. Handmade to fit and suit me just right, supportin' and comfortin' me each step of the way.They are wild and colorful as I chose them to be, they suit my personality.
I've traveled so many miles in shoes that someone else bought for me, plain, poorly fitted, worn, second hand, hand me downs. Ohh, they hurt my feet and took me places that I didn't need to go, places that I didn't want to go. For many years I put them on. I was told it was my duty, but my heart was heavy and my cares so many.
Done found myself a new pair of travelin' shoes to wear on this leg of my journey. Handmade to fit and suit me just right, supportin' and comfortin' me each step of the way.They are wild and colorful as I chose them to be, they suit my personality. I bought these shoes. I own these shoes. They are mine.
by Jeanne leigh...copyrighted...2007


Saturday, May 23, 2009


For over a year now I have had symptoms of fatigue, unexplained rashes, and infections (one weekend I had five infections at the same time.) The rashes which appeared to be an allergic reaction were treated with prednisone about five rounds this year. The infections were treated with antibiotics. Toward the end of this all the antibiotics and prednisone also resulted in terrible rashes. I mentioned several times to my nurse practitioner that my mother had similar symptoms and found out that she was allergic to yeast and that she had lymes disease. Well, I knew I didn’t have lymes disease but did I have some sort of autoimmune problem? Finally, when my nurse practitioner couldn’t see me and I felt the most desperate, I saw another nurse practitioner who I also told about my mother being allergic to yeast. She immediately gave me a referral to an allergist, but only because she thought I was allergic to antibiotics. Well, when I saw the allergist, I told him that my mother was allergic to yeast and I thought I might be too. He tested me with a two day allergy test and the little bubble on my arm that was suppose to be a tiny bump, ended up being a huge swollen mess, all the glands under my arm were bright red and swollen, I could barely lift my arm, it was so swollen and painful. I was severely allergic to yeast. He then connected me with the work of Dr. William Crook and his website where I was introduced to a lot of information of which I am still trying to digest. The Allergist said that Dr. Crook’s book was to be my Bible. He said, “Do what he tells you to do.” He’s been working on this problem since the 50’s and is an expert in his field, so that is exactly what I have been doing. Everyone has a certain amount of yeast in their bodies, but being allergic to it, every time I ate bread, drank a glass of wine, ate anything with sugar in it I was feeding the yeast and causing an allergic reaction. Then as my body reacted in with an allergic reaction, the yeast produced tons of toxins and I would end up getting an infection or infections. As the nurse practitioners medicated me with prednisone and antibiotics, these were also feeding the yeast and as a result I became one very sick person that had no clue as to what the heck was making me sick. Right now I am on a very strict diet, and a medication. I have had awful withdrawals from sugar and yeast. By the way, who knew how much sugar is in EVERYTHING? No wonder, our young children are getting diabetes. It is incredibly unhealthy. I would work my 40 hour a week job, tend to minimal requirements of family and fall over. No energy at all. I am usually a very high energy person and very active in life, so this has been difficult. I have only be on the diet and medication for a couple of weeks, so I have a long way to go before I will be feeling good, but I must say that I am already feeling better. So, thus…..a lonely blog. Please don’t give up on me. I’m going to be on here more often. Filled with hope ~Jeanne ~Peace and health to all of YOU.


Scott W said...

That is a good step to better health. Sugar and carbs make me feel awful, yet I crave them sometimes.

Hang in there, kid!

jeanne leigh said...

Thanks Scott. yes, I am feeling better already, still very fatigued, but I know that it will take time and I am willing to do anything that helps me get better! ~peace, jeanne

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Knowing what is making you sick is a giant step in the right direction. I hope your health continues to improve until you're healed completely.

Syd said...

Jeanne, I hope that things will go better with the new diet. Hang in there.

Thistle Cove Farm said...

You and yours are in my payers. Stop by when you've time, would like to give you an award.

Anonymous said...

Hello again. I just commented on the Kierkegaardian prayer you posted and felt compelled to comment again on this post.

I feel, in some way, that God led me to your site as I too have been suffering for a couple of years. Through all this I have come to know Christ in a different way than I did prior to my suffering. I now know him as the God who suffers with His creation. He is our divine brother in our distress (Gethsemene), our divine brother in our suffering (The passion and crucifixion) and, through his death cry on the cross, our divine brother in our abandonment ("My God My God! Why hast though abandoned me??!!).

I guess what I'm trying to say is that the God we worship is not unaffected by our pain. He isn't a God who sits on His throne observing our suffering from afar. Rather, He willingly condescended to us, leaving his high place in heaven and suffered along side of us. That's my God and if for nothing else, this alone is cause to worship Him!

I've been blessed by your writing and will come back often in anticipation of something new. Keep on writing- For HIS glory.